funk soul & jazz dj

DJ Ventilator met dansvloerNote: I have not finished the english pages of my site yet, I apologise for any inconvenience. Call or email me if you have any questions.

I love playing funk soul jazz latin and afrobeat for an audience that likes to get surprised with warm tunes. I also play reggae, ska, hip hop, disco, balkan and various other swinging styles.

Innovatory, a hit and/or old fashioned, in clubs, bars or weddings and (companie)parties….

I perform since 1992 and have played at dozens and dozens of parties, weddings, club nights etc. A dj works for his audience and I try to adept myself to the dancers and listeners as much as I can.
At the moment I work mainly in various clubs in Amsterdam.

You can find my demo here (or you can follow me on Mixcloud). You will find an arrangement of hits as well as more alternative music there, from dance to lounge.

how to convert to jazz