I handle different fees depending the nature of the wedding-party, business parties and its locations. Please refer to a number of examples here below giving you an idea of what you can expect.
Depending the length of the evening, location, date and client’s wishes fees vary between € 150,00 and € 800,00 excluding 6% VAT. Prices are applicable until 12 o’clock midnight and do not include the rental of audio equipment. I operate on a transparent basis in that I will provide the client with a copy of the supplier’s original price quotation as well as a copy of his original invoice.
Basically I determine the price for an evening of music performance in consultation with client/principal/organisation/agent. Fees mentioned below are not written in stone:

Price ideas:
– fee: a minimum of € 60,00 per half hour after midnight
– travelling costs: € 25,00 per half hour when travelling by car outside the ring-road of the A10 (no charges in the ring-road)
– down payment: a minimum of € 150,00 to be paid fifty days before the event
– other payments: all other payments to be made in advance/at the beginning of the evening
– during weekends I regularly play my kind of music at cafés and clubs in Amsterdam at € 150,00 per three hours
– every month on Fridays I travel by car to a club where I play my kind of music at € 300,00 per five hours
– I charge € 250,00 playing jazzy music at a wedding party on a Saturday afternoon at a location which does not have a dance floor in Amsterdam. The charge would be € 300,00 for an evening until midnight,
– playing at a wedding party in or near Amsterdam starts at € 400,00
– playing at a BBQ/company party outside Amsterdam on a Thursday costs € 400,00 until midnight
– the price for a performance at a dance classics party on a Friday evening at a location with a dance floor is € 500,00

All prices are exclusive use/rent of audio equipment or VAT

These prices are written on my website, not in stone 😉

Should you wish to consider a booking please call and refer to the general guidelines.