rules of thumb for weddings and parties

I have a number of rules for weddings, companie parties, barbecues, etc

1) I only make an offer after talking to the organisation
1b) after 00.00 hrs I charge 60€ per half hour, with a minimum of 60€
1c) traveling costs outside A10: 25€ per half hour driving
2) I ask for a downpayment of at least 100€, to be payed 50 dayes in advance
3) all payments must be done at the beginning of the partie
4) bring your special requests on cd only after consulting me
5) I play requests, but I am no ‘jukebox’
6) I don’t do bookings via email, I want to talk to the organisation
7) I need to eat and drink
8) I want to know all times of the party, beginning, end, time to build etc
9) I need to know in time if anything changes
10) I need to know about other performances, what time and how many

You can call me about these ande more conditions or if you have any questions.