jazz dj at your (wedding) party

Joost Swarte - Jazz CatsMore and more people ask for a jazz dj on their wedding, bbq, or (companie)party to play funk, soul, jazz and other styles like it.
I have more than 20 years of experience in this field on various parties.
Especially now that I work as jazz dj for clubs like the  North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam and Fifth NRE in Eindhoven during their TGIF nights.



Familie van Hees (wedding Raïnaraï, Amsterdam).
"We were looking for a different dj than usual for our weddings who could play a broad scala of music. We did not want a band, but wanted the warmth and depth of one.  We wanted a lot of afro beat and hip hop and so we found Peter. 
We loved him as a dj, music lover and as a person to talk to: he understood our needs and created a great party. You can understand that we were very happy choosing DJ Ventilator." (loosely translated)

I allways consult with the happy couple what kind of (jazzy) party they want. (Off course you can contact me, no strings attached.) I have so much experience doingin weddings, I can organise one myself…. at least I can advice on timing, music, speeches, equipment, etc.
A number of popular themes to entertain the guests in the evening or during the afternoon:
– smooth jazz and soul during drinks or the reception, to talk and listen to the music (perhaps with a saxophone player?)
– beautifull jazz, warm soul and soft latin during dinner
– a barbecue with happy latin, warm jazz and other ‘world music’
– or the barbecue in a 50s/60s style with rock and roll, boogie woogie, jazz and country like music (to make you feel like entering 60s USA)

– a beach party with lots of hot latin and funky warm ‘summertime‘ jazz
– jazz, funk and soul to pre-heat the dance floor for another dj
– real funky jazz, soul, latin, afrobeat, balkan etc to dance the night away with a classic dance feeling….
…or any other combination you (we) can think of!

Every party and location has its own rules and challenges. I can make sure we have all the right equipment for sound and light. Renting, paying, planning, etc. I can take care of it all.
I know some excellent rental companies which I have worked with before and can advise you to use them. They have the best equipment and deliver on time for a good price.
Check my contact page for prices and rules.

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