jazz at the companie party

Jazz op vinylJazz  at the companie party is not only great for the atmosphere, but also very good for your image. By working with vinyl the ordinary drink becomes a chique partie with James Bond allure…

To enhance the party even further you can add a saxophone player or other musician. Reliable equipment, a microphone for announcements or speeches, music to listen to or talk with or maybe a little dance…. all benefits to make the partie, drink or BBQ even better.
I can arrange and organise everything with 1 clear invoice because I could pay all artists and suppliers if needed. I work fully transparent: all parties get to see all offers and payments. Various company leaders and club owners can vouch for my qualities.

Hein van Stiphout (eigenaar Fifth NRE, Eindhoven)
 "DJ Ventilator has proven himself as a man of many talents in our club. Whether we ask him to play relaxed or swinging, he can do it all. Peter does this without playing the obvious records. Besides his choice in music, he is honest and a great advisor."

I consult with the organisation what kind of (jazzy) event they want. (You can allways contact me freely) I have so much experience with parties that I can give full advice about the process of the party.

A number of popular ways to organise an afternoon or evening:
– during drinks or a reception in the afternoon, smooth and old jazz to converse with, maybe with a band or saxophone player
– nice jazz, smooth latin and warm funk and soul during dinner
– a barbecue with a lot of latin, happy jazz and worldly music
– a 50’s en 60’s barbecue with rock and roll, jazz, boogie woogie and country like muziek with band or musician
– drinks with James Bond and other 70s film music

– beach party with groovy latin steamy ‘summertime‘ funky jazz and soul
– jazz, funk and soul to start a night of dancing (to warm up for another dj?)
– hot funky funk soul jazz and latin party to have an old skool dance night
….or any kind of combination you or we can think of.

Every party and location has its challenges. I can organise all aspects of the equipment we need: rent, planning, payments, construction etc etc
I work only renters that I trust and have some good suppliers all over Holland. They can deliver at a good price and deliver and pick up when possible and needed. I allways contact the location where the party is helt and try to anticipate all problems.

A number of companies I have worked with:
ABN Amro
Algemeen Dagblad
Enrgy Health in Business
Van Beuningen Paviljoen (Amsterdam)
Chef’s Table (Amsterdam)
Design Daily’s (Eindhoven)
De Schalm (Veldhoven)
Verve/Universal Music

If you need more information, just contact me.

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